Our Vission:
SSEM aims to serve the industry by continuously exceeding its client's expectations while adopting the highest codes of pratice and international standards. SSEM is committed to positioning standards. SSEM is committed to positioning itself as a leader in its field by continually challenging itself and progressing forword in all its endeavors.
Our Mission:
To become the key contributor in the kingdom transformation into an international power hub by developing its Electro-Mechanical infrastructure and becoming the main contractor to fulfill its demand for power and water.
Our Introduction

Since its inception in 1976, Saudi Services For Electro Mechanic Works (Closed Joint Stock Company) has been a key player in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Services For Electro Mechanic Works (Closed Joint Stock Company) through the Ministerial Resolution No. 118 dated 31/03/2013 G. has established itself as one of the leading Saudi companies in the turnkey execution of large and diverse construction projects and has been classified as Grade 1 for Electrical, Mechanical, Water & Waste Water and Buildings Works.

SSEM is a 100% Saudi owned company of the Al-Rashid Group and is proud of its contribution in construction projects for the infrastructural development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The key to our success for more than forty years has been the commitment of the owners to consistently deliver turnkey projects on time and to the highest International Standards.

Our strength is that as a Saudi Company, we build projects with the long term satisfaction of the client in mind. Safety and reliability is built into the project and the client knows that SSEM is here to stay and assist the client even after the contractual commitments have expired.

Chairman’s Message


Since its inception in 1976, Saudi Services For Electro Mechanic Works (Closed Joint Stock Company) has been a key player in Saudi Arabia.

In 1981 (1401H) it became wholly owned by Messers Abdullah Saad Al-Rashid, Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid, Rashid Saad Al-Rashid, and Rashid Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid & Sons Company. Since its establishment and by the grace of Allah Almighty along with sound management and wide experience, the company was able to execute enormous projects in the water and power sectors like water treatment and supply systems, and power Generation, Transmission and Distribution in addition to various industrial and commercial projects.


In evaluating the companies performance and ability, the department of classification has classified it in "A" category i40n its EPC works.

This is a synopsis of a national company which has been continually participating in the implementation of our government’s development plans. These plans will no doubt contribute to the advancement of well-being of our country with the grace of Allah almighty and with the guidance and support endowed by the Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and his highness the crown prince Muhammad Bin Nayef.

Quality Statement

Company management endeavors at all times to ensure the provision of services of the highest specification and quality in support of an uncompromising service to its clients.

It is the policy of SSEM to fully comply with or exceed the requirements of the client and statutory and regulatory requirements and to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system in order to achieve continual improvement within all aspects of the business measurable objectives have been set within SSEM with the overall aim of:

  • Reducing Process and Service Nonconformance
  • Improving Process and Service Performance Characteristics
  • Improving Client Satisfaction Levels
  • Improving Supplier Performance

SSEM has set clear key Performance Indicators throughout its business operations in order to continually monitor, analyze and review performance compared to targets and to act upon the results where deemed necessary.

Our valued client base is our most cherished asset and it is our policy to continually improve the level of our services in order to become the benchmark contractor against which all other are judged.

The Quality Management System enjoys the full and active support of the Top Management Team and meeting therequirements of the international Standard ISO9001:2008.

Key Features of SSEM QMS


Safety Policy

SSEM has attained and maintained its position in the market place though commitment to quality in all aspects of its operations. We view safety awareness as a further extension of this total quality management approach.

Effective quality entails attention to detail and company wide unreserved commitment. Similarly our Safety Policy requires that every employee and official of the company is unreservedly committed to achieving our ultimate Safety Target, with ZERO INCIDENTS. SSEM will not compromise safety for speedy construction and we insure that every activity associated with our business will be conducted safely, without risk to personnel and property. Our primary consideration in the evaluation of the success of completed projects is that the projects safety records will reflect ZERO LOST TIME ACCIDENTS.

Incidents can be avoided by proper planning preparation, awareness of potential hazards, and the allocation of competent workers, the use of suitable tools and equipment and heightened safety awareness. Every SSEM employee, from General Manager to laborer, has a responsibility to ensure that, within his own sphere of responsibility, he does not, under any circumstances, compromise any aspect of the duties or responsibilities which could, in any way, cause of increase to risk of incidents which might result in injury to himself, his colleague or third parties, of damage to SSEM’s or third parties assets.

SSEM believes in total safety awareness such that each employee fully understands his own safety responsibilities. SSEM recognizes that this can only be achieved by effective safety indoctrination of new employees, on going safety training, the continuous assessment and re-evaluation of the effectiveness of our Safety Programs, Plans & Procedures and through the demonstration of the company’s commitment to safety by the exemplary behaviour of all management and supervisory personnel in all aspects of the company’s activities

Organizational Structure

Awards & Certificates

It is crucial for any organization to be aware of trends and best practices with in its industry which is why SSEM is determined to play an active role in the community. SSEM has received numerous awards relating to its active contribution in conferences and forums in addition to its safety practices and capabilities, only some of which are displayed below.