Construction of AL LITH 380/110kV BSP

  • Client : Saudi Electricity Company Western Operating Area
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor-Contract No.11221041/00
  • Area : Western Area
  • Project Status : Project Completed
  • Nature of Work : Project Portion A Construction of new indoor type 380kV GIS Substation consisting of, but not limited to, the following equipment, components and auxiliaries: 380kV GIS comprising of twelve (12) units of 380 kV circuit breakers arranged in one and a half circuit breaker configuration. Four (4) nos. of 380kV Hybrid GIS, each comprising of one (1) unit of circuit breakers and two (2) units of disconnect switches. 132kV GIS comprising of twelve (12) units of 110kV circuit breakers arranged in a double-bus single breaker configuration. Project Portion B Two (2) nos. 110kV Dead Tank Circuit Breakers