Construction of New HADCO (#9065) 380/33kV BSP

  • Client : AL MARAI Company
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor-Contract No.403/2013
  • Area : Central Area
  • Project Status : Project Completed
  • Nature of Work : Construction of New HADCO (#9065) 380/33kV BSP Construction of new indoor type 380kV GIS Substation consisting of but not limited to the following equipment, components and auxiliaries: 380kV GIS comprising of twelve (12) units of 380kV Circuit Breakers arranged in one and a half circuit breaker configuration. Four (4) Nos. of 100/120MVA, ONAN/ONAF1/ONAF2 or OFFAF, YNa0d1, 380/33kV, 3-Phase, 60Hz, Oil Immersed Power Transformers All Necessary metering, Protection, SAS, Control, Communication and SCADA Equipment, Fire Detection/Alarm and Safety, Fire Protection System, Civil Work, Mechanical Work and Miscellaneous Requirements