Construction of Jubail-7 115/13.8kV S/S in Jubail Area

  • Client : National Grid SA Eastern Operating Area
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor-Contract No.4400006019
  • Area : Eastern Area
  • Project Status : Project OnGoing
  • Nature of Work : Construction of Jubail-7 115/13.8kV S/S in Jubail Area It is a new 115/13.8kV indoor GIS type Substation, arranged in a double bus single breaker configuration in Jubail area. The new Substation which shall be installed by this PROJECT will be fed at 115kV through four (4) Underground/Overhead Transmission Line circuits (by different contracts) from Jubail Residential 380/115kV BSP Substation. The new substation shall be equipped with Substation Automation System (SAS) and will be remotely controlled from the COMPANY Power Control Center (PCC) through SCADA system, Communication system and gateway. The work shall include (3) 50/67 MVA Power Transformers, (16) 115kV GIS, (44) 13.8kV Switchgear, (3) 13.8kV Capacitor Banks, SAS, Control & Protection System, Communication, HVAC, Fire Detection/Fire Protection, Plumbing, Civil Works and all auxiliaries