Contract No.4400006039 – Installation of 115kV U/G Cables for the Integration of Khudariyah-2 115/13.8KV Substation

  • Client : National Grid SA Eastern Operating Area
  • Contract type :
  • Area : Eastern Area
  • Project Status :
  • Nature of Work : U/G CABLE PORTION: Design, supply, testing, commissioning and installation of two (2) 115kV Underground cable circuits, each circuit consisting of one (1) 1x1Cx2000mm2 Cu conductor, super clean-XLPE, lead alloy metallic sheath, cable per phase complete with all other accessories, along the proposed route from Transition Area up to Khudriyah 115/13.8kV Substation#2. Approximate route length between the two locations is 8.0 km. OHTL PORTION: Design and construction of approximately 8.0 km long,115kV double circuit, three phase, vertical configuration, overhead transmission line on company provided design of latticed steel towers using two (2)-795 kcmil "DRAKE" 26/7 ACSR/AW conductor per phase with 2-48 core OPGW from the existing take-off structure at Al-Dhahiyah 380/115kV BSP up to proposed Transition Area.