Contract No.4400007196 – Installation of 115kV Underground Cables for the Integration of South East Dammam 115/13.8kV Substation

  • Client : National Grid SA East Operating Area
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor
  • Area : Eastern Area
  • Project Status : Project OnGoing
  • Nature of Work : Design, Supply, Testing, Commissioning and Installation of two (2) 115kV Underground Cable Circuits, consisting of one (1) 1x1Cx1200mm2, CU Conductor, Super Clean XLPE, CU Metallic Sheath, Cable per phase complete with all other accessories along the proposed route from AL-FARDOUS 380/115kV BSP up to South East Dammam 115/13.8kV Substation and all necessary duct banks, hand holes & trenches for power cables as well as non-metallic Fiber Optic cables. Approximate route length between the two locations is 5.54KM