Contract No.4400007241 – Connection of INDUSTRIAL AREA S/S 8236 with 132kV Network in Riyadh Area

  • Client : National GRID Saudi Arabia
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor
  • Area : Central Area
  • Project Status : Project OnGoing
  • Nature of Work : 132kV Underground Cable Circuits Between Proposed S/S No.8236 & S/S No.9027 Complete Design, supply and installation of two (2) New 132kV Underground Cable Circuits, single cable/phase, each circuit consisting of 3x1Cx1200mm2, XLPE, copper cable with metallic shield copper wire and copper tape to be laid between New S/S 8236 and BSP S/S 9027 complete with all required link boxes, SVLs, insulated joints, earthing and other accessories. Approximate total route length of circuits is 10KM