Sewage Treatment Plants for Contractor Facilities

  • Client : ARAMCO
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor -Contract No.6600038301
  • Area : Southern Area
  • Project Status : Project OnGoing
  • Nature of Work : Design of a new tertiary Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with a processing capacity of 10 MLD (Phase 1A) to serve the existing Temporary Contractors Facilities (TCF) and future labor work force. It is intended that this new 10 MLD STP will be fully integrated and become part of the permanent JEC 40MLD STP (Phase I) at the same time as the permanent JEC Phase 1 STP is designed and constructed. The Phase 1A 10 MLD STP is required to be commissioned with a minimum treatment capacity of 5 MLD to treat raw domestic sewage within 14 weeks of the award date. The Phase 1A 10 MLD STP shall be commissioned and ready to take a full raw sewage load no later than 31 December, 2016. The Phase 1A 10MLD Contractor will be required to operate and maintain the 5 MLD plant and then the 10 MLD plant. The final Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) from the Phase 1A 10 MLD STP plant shall be of the specified quality so that it can be used for irrigating public parks, gardens, etc., or for dust control. The excess TSE shall be discharged to the coastal areas. Contractor shall address the management and control of the sludge in a progressive and environmentally sustainable way and advice on the most appropriate means of managing sewage sludge including all reuse options, storage and transportation. The Phase 1A 10 MLD STP will receive municipal wastewater via tanker trucks delivered by others. The Phase 1A Contractor shall assume an average truck carrying capacity of 25,000 liters per truck, resulting in 400 trips per day. Separately, the TSE will be hauled away from the Phase 1A STP by others and be disposed of separately using tanker trucks with an average capacity of 25,000 liters per truck, resulting in 400 trips per day. Hence, Contractor shall provide roadways and parking spaces, based on a traffic design, as required, to allow for safe, convenient and logical circulation of trucks. The design of pavements shall take into consideration the anticipated daily traffic over the life of the project as well as the existing soil conditions at the site. The detailed IFC design of the facility shall be determined by the Phase 1A STP Contractor, and will be subject to approval by the COMPANY, to ensure that the proposed design is fully in accordance with the overall intent of the Project.