Design and Build of Power Substations 380 KV GIS

  • Client : General Authority of Civil Aviation
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor-Contract No.J-12-424/A-PF-0
  • Area : Western Area
  • Project Status : Project Completed
  • Nature of Work : Construct a New Indoor Type 380kV GIS Substation consisting of, but not limited to, the following equipment, components and auxiliaries: 380kV GIS comprising of twelve (12) units of 380kV Circuit Breakers arranged in one and a half Circuit Breaker Configuration. 110kV GIS comprising of thirty (30) units of 110kV Circuit Breakers arrange in a double bus single breaker configuration. Three (3) Nos. of 302/402/502MVA, ONAN, ONAF1/ONAF2 or OFAF, YNa0d1, 380/110/13.8kV, 3-Phase, 60Hz, Oil Immersed Auto Power Transformer. Five (5) Nos. of 50/67MVA, ONAN/ONAF1/ONAF2 or OFAF, YNa0d1, 110/13.8kV, 3-Phase, 60Hz, Oil Immersed Power Transformer. One (1) No. of 380kV, 150MVAr Bus Shunt Reactors. 380kV, 1Cx2500mm2 Cu/XLPE Cables (80.4Km) 110kV, 1Cx1200mm2, Cu/XLPE Cables (4.8Km) All necessary metering, protection, SAS, Control, Communication and SCADA equipment, Fire Detection/Alarm and Safety, Fire Protection System, Civil Works, Mechanical works and Miscellaneous Requirements