MAKKAH-TAIF Water Transmission System (Four Pumping Station)

  • Client : Saline Water Conversion Corporation
  • Contract type : EPC Consortium
  • Area : Western Area
  • Project Status : Project Completed
  • Nature of Work : - Pipe Laying work for 95KM Twin Line 56 and 42KM Single Line 42, Steel Pipe by 52 and by 60 with PE Coating and CM-Lining. - Pumping Station PS1 (with Hypochlorite System) at the Desalination Plant having an Initial Capacity of 2x25=52MIGD. - Pumping Station PS2 (Makkah), PS3 and PS4 of the Makkah-TAIF system having an Initial Capacity of 20MIGD. - 2 Terminals (with Gas Chlorination System) in Makkah having a total storage capacity of 300,000m3/day and a terminal in Taif with a storage capacity of 100,000m3