Contract No.4400006667 Construction of DAMMAM Housing 380/115/13.8kV BSP

  • Client : Saudi Electricity Company Eastern Region Area
  • Contract type : EPC Contractor
  • Area : Dammam
  • Project Status : Project OnGoing
  • Nature of Work : Construction of DAMMAM Housing 380/115/13.8kV BSP Construction of New Indoor type 380kV GIS Substation consisting of, but not limited to, the following equipment, component and auxiliaries: 380kV GIS comprising of twenty four (24) units of 380kV circuit breakers arranged in one and a half circuit breaker configuration. 115kV GIS comprising of twenty eight (28) units of 115kV circuit breakers arranged in a double bus single breaker configuration. Four (4) NOS, 300/400/500MVA (Tertiary 2MVA), ONAN/ONAF1/ONAF2, YNa0d1, 380/115/13.8kV 3 Phase, 60Hz Z(P-S)=19% (500MVA base), Oil immersed Auto Power Transformers Three (3) nos., 50/67MVA,ONAN/ONAF, YNyn0+d1, 115/13.8kV, 3-phase, 60Hz., Z(P-S)= 22% (50MVA base), oil immersed power transformers Two (2) nos. 115kV, 40 MVAR, ONAN, Shunt Reactors with Oil to Air bushings Forty Four (44) 13.8kV, 3600A continuous, 25kA (Sym. 1 Sec.) short circuit rating, at 400C ambient, indoor, metal clad switchgear Three (3) nos. of 13.8kV capacitor banks to deliver net output of 7MVAR, @1.0 p.u at 13.8 KV bus All necessary metering, protection, SAS, control, communication and SCADA equipment, TFR & DSM, Fire Detection/ Alarm and Safety, Fire Protection system, Civil Work, Mechanical Work and Miscellaneous Requirements